Krypton ROM for the Moto X

Krypton v1.4.1 - 11/1/2014

Stock 4.4.4 Moto X ROM

Vzw Stock Rooted 212.55.26

Stock 4.4.2 Moto X ROM

Vzw Stock Rooted 164.55.2

Stock 4.4 Moto X ROM

Vzw Stock Rooted 140.45.5

Android Apps

TowelPieRoot App for Moto Devices

TPR v1.2 - 10/5/2014

Hotspot Entitlement Bypass

Entitlement Bypass v1.2 - 7/4/2014

My Password Keeper

1.0.49-Beta Changelog

-Fixed the 32 bit and 64 bit .dll problems by just making two seperate installers.
-Fixed a bug that wouldn't update the database to the new version after an update.
-Misc code clean up.
1.0.49-32 Bit
1.0.49-64 Bit

1.0.46-Beta Changelog

-Swapped out the 64 bit compact sql .dll's this solves the issues with one of the .dll's not working properly when installed on a 32 bit machince.

1.0.45-Beta Changelog

-Switched back to the InstallShield installer that now upgrades correctly and doesn't do the annoying repair on every launch because the program deletes files after first launch.

1.0.42-Beta Changelog

-Fixed some misspellings and reworded a couple of notifications.
-Added a custom action to the installer to start the application after installation.
-Changed some file names and extensions, and finished my final step of encryption.
-Added some more tatics to throw would be snoopers off their path.
-Next thing is to try and find a way around the MSI installer's repair on launch which adds file that are set to delete on load.

1.0.41-Beta Changelog

-This version is just an incremented 1.0.40-Beta to test if I was able to fix the bug where the update couldn't be applied until the older version was uninstalled first!
-Also changed the version number on the about form that I forgot in 1.0.40-Beta.
-Next thing I will be looking into is setting up a way for the program to check for updates!

1.0.40-Beta Changelog

-I finally corrected all the paths in the program and installer, to fix the file not found or access denied exceptions!
-Still having issues updating the application without uninstalling the old version.