About Us

Website still under construction.



This site is a test site to document my progress at transitioning from VB.Net to C#. First I ported over my simple Notepad clone program I created a year or two ago. After that I was looking for something more challenging and choose to start working on an application I always wanted to develop just didn't like the syntax of VB.Net. So I started developing My Password Keeper, a program to store and manage user-names and passwords for websites, companies, etc in a encrypted local database.

For years I have had a multitude of accounts and passwords that I use to keep in a notepad documents, a lot of them were websites I didn't visit frequently so I would forget them often. My Mother on the other hand had kept hers in a book, this is the worst place to keep important information. These were very insecure methods of keeping important information that could easily be found by nosey people or if they were stolen. That is why I set out to develop My Password Keeper. So far the transition from VB.Net to C# has been fairly easy, and has come along quite nicely. The biggest issues have been actually figuring out how to deploy and update the application. Along with putting in measures to secure the database as much as possible without hindering the functionality and performance.



Initially I set out to create a site to upload and post my test builds of My Password Keeper for my friends that are testers. So I didn't have to upload the test builds to Dropbox then send a link to everybody, now I can post them and message them that an update is available. But for now this website will be used for My Password Keeper, and my Motorola Moto X ROMs that I have developed and any Android applications I develop in the future.